How do you not get cake mixture all over the patty pans?

Do we even still call them patty pans? or are they called cupcake papers these days..not sure but I am sure we are all on the same page! How on earth do you not get cake mixture dripping on the 'patty pans' so your cupcakes look pro!!


I've been baking for a loooong time and only up until the last few years I would stand over the patty pan tray which before I got to it, was looking pretty and perfect with all the empty patty pan papers lined up.. Then I would start with a spoon in one hand, a spoon in the other and juggle and twirl the spoons like I was a clown on a unicycle trying to keep my balance, trying not to let the mixture touch the papers..

So only up until a few years ago, while I was browsing through one of my fav shops, Wheel & Barrow Homewares, I stumbled across something that looks like a drink bottle, but in fact a great invention to cure those dirty dripping cupcake sagas!! Ok, so here is the invention...a lot of you out there probable new about this years and years ago, but hey! I'm a late bloomer!

It comes in four pieces, a bottom lid, top lid with opening, top cap and the tube part!  All you do after you have made your yummy cake mixture, make sure you have the bottom lid on secured tightly and pour in your cake mixture..

Then screw on the top lid, put the cap on tightly and turn the thing upside down. Tap it so all the mixture is down near the top lid with opening. So then all you need to do is take the cap off, and squeeze the mixture into the patty pans. I've added a few pictures to try and explain my explanation!


So there you have it.. NO MORE messy patty pans and you have PRO cupcakes!

I hope I have helped some people out there that have patty pan injuries just like I use to! If anything, hope you enjoyed the read!

Bake on and keep having fun in the kitchen.

With love,

Vicki XO