What to gift to welcome precious babies into the world?

How beautiful is it when a child enters the world...such a special miraculous time for the parents and joy for the the family and friends that love and surround that precious life! We all feel immense love for that life and immediately adopt and desire to assure this precious child feels the love a trillion time more of what we are feeling..xo

This gorgeous Sloth is so soft to cuddle & cute, available online!

A gift can be a token of appreciation or often a small gift given as a gesture of gratitude and in this case sheer happiness for this little person coming into our lives. When choosing a gift, you want it to be something that also contributes to the life of this precious baby.

To name a few, we buy:

  • beautiful baby clothes
  • soft plush toys for them cuddle...and chew
  • mini cutlery sets for when they are ready to delve into the world of solid food and perhaps not use their hands
  • their first crockery set
  • the first of their learning books
  • beautiful linen for for when they eventually grow out out of their cot and are ready for big bed
  • their first building blocks
  • early learning toys for them to exercise their developing minds..

The list goes on and oh so many ideas to celebrate those first stages of their brand new life!! 

On the Adixions online store there are a few carefully selected gorgeous items, perfect gifts to welcome the new little person into this wonderful crazy world of ours! 

We source our gift cards, gorgeous paper garlands (you will see some further down) and other creatives from the very talented Piccolo Studio, an Australian brand based in Sydney!

Our Plush toys have been uniquely selected and sourced from Annabel Trends, the items we have chosen are keepsake gifts. That cute Sloth you saw at the top of the Blog is my fav, I just couldn't manage to get a good pic of him, but you can get a good look on our website. He is gorgeous for both little ladies and little men! 

And just how sweet is Ballerina Bunny Plush below:

Ballerina Bunny Plush - Caramel

Dance, hold and love with this new Ballerina Bunnies by Annabel Trends. Just too cute with her floppy ears, tutu and ballet slippers. 

We beautifully gift wrap your purchase and if you would like a gorgeous gift card, pop over to our gift card section..xo

Dream Guardians - Poppy

Dream big and protect your dreams with these loving dream guardians by Annabel Trends. Each one specially hand knitted and sealed with a loving heart.

This soft feel & huggable quality of Poppy will make a loving addition to any family.  Poppy has a gold trim making it a timeless gift. Guardian Poppy comes packaged in a beautiful gift box. SIZE: 18.5cm x 42cm and Poppy is 18cm x 38cm.

We gift wrap your purchase and if you need a gorgeous gift card, check out our gift card section, they are adorable.xo


Ok, so this gorgeous set is to do with food..one of my favourite topics! This porcelain set with the gorgeous Rabbit feature is so keepsake. It comes in a craft gift box that's also pretty special and has it's own gift card with 'This belongs to' on the back. Need I say more... 

Further down you will also see little Mini Hug Me Mugs, again more suitable for when they are a little older, but definitely statement gifts, you can even bundle these up to make a stunning select of special items.

Our homeware are sourced from Robert Gordon Australia..just love what they create!

Kids Sets - Woodlands Black Rabbit

Porcelain cup, plate and bowl with gorgeous rabbit design. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Comes gift boxed and we beautifully gift wrap your purchase. A keepsake gift for that special little one. 

Designed in Australia by Robert Gordon Australia.

(Cutlery not included)




Mini Hug Me Mug - Blue Stripe

Gorgeous petite porcelain Hug Me Mug for kids.

Come in a beautiful box and we will gift wrap your purchase. Tee this us with one of our fun Piccolo Studio gift cards to make a beautiful gift!

Capacity 200mL.

Designed in Australia by Robert Gordon Australia.


Oh Baby, I hope the ideas are now flowing a plenty!

But above all, our role is to love, protect, positively guide the precious new lives that enter our world. Allow them to be themselves, not mold them into something we want, let them shine! 

With love,

Vicki xo

Source: http://www.adixions.com.au/shop