Want to know about the most delicious Olive Oil Chocolate Almond Cake?

It is gluten-free and so damn good!! Keep reading for my recipe review..

This one is a keeper!! Why you ask? Because this recipe I came across is from the beautiful human, Nigella Lawson! 


Just when you thought you had to tone down the chocolate cake intake!! Well you can get those negative thoughts out of your head and whip up this moist, delicious cake!!

I came across this amazing recipe when a client asked me they wanted a delicious chocolate mudcake for their birthday, but it had to be gluten-free and actually taste like real chocolate cake at the same time. They say this because they've tried gluten-free chocolate cake before and they just haven't been right.

So I was then blessed to find this divine Olive Oil Chocolate cake recipe by Nigella! Seriously, she saved the day..YEAH! 

Check out Nigella's recipe in the source link at the end of this Blog. It is filled with so much goodness, olive oil (I used my dad's very own), almond meal, pure cocoa, sugar, eggs & vanilla.

I highly recommend this recipe, it is truly devour-able and the fact that it is gluten-free is a winner!

It doesn't stop at the recipe alone, you can get creative with it! So get jiggy with it!!

Here are some of my creations:

This beauty was 3 layers of Olive Oil Chocolate cake, filled with delicious vanilla mascarpone buttercream filling, mixed berries, morello cherries, roasted hazelnuts, toasted coconut & pretty edible pansies! 

Couldn't resist a full view of that gold-dusted chocolate sail!

Here I made mini round Olive Oil Chocolate cakes and topped with divine piped drops of chocolate ganache, edible pansies and gold leaf! Yes I ate one! 

So I thank you Nigella Lawson for being so fabulous at what you do..this recipe, I will say it again, is a keeper!! 

Enjoy this one and I truly hope you enjoyed the review!

Vicki XO

— Giada De Laurentiis

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